Nuage = amazing!

I attended a Nuage demo today. It really is amazing! Good work guys Yamaha and Steinberg!!

We are sort of using/testing one here in Munich on a bigger project anf everybody likes it very much. (ProTools people even sort of envying us…)


Hey guys,

thank you very much. Let me know if you need anything else :slight_smile:


Perhaps a zero-interest, 10 year bank loan… :smiley:


Nuage is a dream controller judging from the demos. But the price is stratospheric for my little studio. I wish yamaha would do a stripped down version in the sub 5000 €/$ category. How about a Nuagiño Controller ?

Management Steinberg shows zero-interest to proposel.

At least, I could ask them :wink:

So Nuage is a “halo” product, except that it’s also the only product. By that, I mean the only professional Yamaha branded controller for their substantial DAW lineup.

Hard to imagine not leveraging all of that development cost downward to a engage a much larger segment of potential buyers. Their take on “Nuage Artist” in the $5000 - 6000 range of the Avid S3. I think that’s a 10X larger market than the $25,000 for Nuage. Which is a great controller, but is simply out of reach for the vast majority.

But it’s their company and their call. Rightly so…what do I know? (well, maybe a couple of things)

Ok, I just checked and there IS something in that price range…a bit cheaper, actually!

For $2,499.00 you can get the Yamaha Nuage Nws500-LG Large Workspace Unit!

Yes, I realize this is likely to be deleted by a mod. Take it easy on me…just providing a bit of levity.

The fact that it has no faders makes it look very sleek indeed! :laughing:

I think a problem is the actual range of features supported in Nuage. Ask yourself this: What would you be willing to give up in a $5,000 unit (compared to Nuage)? And then: What would you expect in addition to what you get for a $1,000 Avid Artist Mix?

If you look at only the Nuage mix and compare it to the artist you get pretty tight integration in both cases (I presume, and compared to HUI) through the respective protocols. Nuage mix has 16 faders and 32 rotary encoders, and the Artist has 8 of each. It’s not a simple equation here. Buttons are cheap. No way you’re going to shave of 50% off the price by getting rid of buttons. So that means cutting faders and encoders. So at what point does that work? $5k for 8 faders? You get 16 in the Avid S3, and if you buy multiple Artists you get 32 faders for $1k less. Ok, so 16 faders and only 16 encoders and half the buttons? Hmmm… Feels like we’re in s3 territory again, and a lot of people have been complaining that the s3 is wildly overpriced.

Of course functionality could be cut, but then people would complain about an “artificial” creation of a market segment; i.e. with only a firm/software switch the device would do a lot more.

So the way I see it there’s definitely a market for a nice, smaller controller, but with the landscape the way it is I still don’t see how they won’t mess up their own sales one way or another. I’d personally love a device at about $3k. It’d be cheaper than the s3 but more tightly integrated than the Artist. At that price point 16 faders, at least one encoder per channel, and some dedicated buttons. But I can guarantee you that if such a device existed it’d eat up some prospective Nuage customers.

I have to say that I think Nuage, although it’s a fantastic product, seems priced a bit high - from an engineer’s consumer perspective.

I saw a Nuage presentation as well. Great unit from the integration point of view. MUCH to big for my personal preference, though.

Especially the hight really distrurbes me.

The way that AVID currently ruins EUCON, I’d say there there IS a market for smaller units.

Of course there is a market. There’s been plenty of markets and niches. The only question is what’s the most profitable and how the company in question thinks about it.