Nuage and Eucon on the same PC

Hello everyone.
I would like to offer myself a Nuage Fader :sunglasses: (but I can not buy a Master :wink: ).
I was wondering if it was possible to use the Nuage at the same time as the EUCON protocol on the PC ( And continued to used my artist control.)? Has anyone tested it?
Thank you.

I don’t think it works.
We have tried to attach an extra controller to our recording system, so the Engineer and the talent can control transport and a few other things, but didn’t get it to work.


thank you Fredo

Well THAT’S disappointing! I wanted to continue to use my “Transport” with Nuage. I wanted to keep the Jog Wheel on my left of the QWERTY keyboard and the Trackball on my right. :frowning:


If there is one single reason to move to Nuage, then it most certainly is the Master Section.


Isn’t that what icPro is for? It probably just needs a complete rewrite and a load of new features added. :smiley:

I didn’t know that Nuage excludes other controllers. Why? I usually work with DM2000 as controller (USB) together with MC Transport (Eucon) and Shuttle Pro 2 (USB) with no issues.

Absolutely NO ARGUMENT there! :wink: This is strictly an ergonomic issue. I’ve become pretty fast at 2 handed editing utilizing the Euphonix MC Pro controller layout. While I’m on Artist Series Hardware, I have the same setup of Transport, QWERTY keyboard and Trackball. This allows me to fly up and down the project window with the Transport and do the fine maneuvering with the Trackball. The Master Section of Nuage has the Jog wheel on the right, which means I’d have to cross over the keyboard to do the same thing. I’m pretty sure that would be very tedious in a very short period of time. That’s why I intended to keep the Transport even after I got Nuage (should I be lucky enough to purchase it). I intended to get spacers on the left and right to accommodate this setup.

Do you think the conflict is competing Ethernet connections (Since Dolfo said he wasn’t having an issue between his transport and the other devices which were using USB connections)?

indeed, there is a risk of ethernet conflicts. Maybe with a 2nd Ethernet connection (on an additional PCI card for example), it can avoid the risks.

Worth a shot. :+1:

In fact, I just bought a Nuage system. And it works well with Artist Mix at the same time.
There is inevitably a risk of conflict but for the moment everything works well

That’s great news!! :+1::+1: