Nuage Channel Question

When you temporarily place 2 disparate channels together on the control surface, do those same channels similarly come together in the project window?

Example: I want to tighten up a kick drum track with the bass track. I need to SEE the relationship between those two tracks. So, I physically move the bass track up next to the kick track. I could save that as a “layout” via EUCON or via one of the visibility agents. But that’s a tedious process.

In the Nuage demos/tutorials I’ve seen, you can just select 2 tracks from opposite ends of the desk and place them side by side instantly. My question is, will the project window match that new view, or does it remain static while you work on the channels from the mixer viewpoint?

Unless I am missing something, the project channel layout does not (and can not) follow the channel layout of the fader packs.
I.e. when you change channel order in the Fader pack (read mixer), the channel order in the project folder doesn’t change.
And I am not sure I would ever want to do that… The projct window is where you organise/order everything, so I do’ntw ant that to be messed up because I change something in the mixer. (Think of stuff that resides in folders, etc …)

The other way around does work though. Changing channel order in the project window => Mixer follows.


Take a look at this video.
That guy is using an Avid S3. It certainly looks like the project window is following the hardware for VCA Spill. So if it does that for the spill feature, I’m not clear as to why it won’t/can’t do that for the channel movement feature.

As for why you’d want to do that, I explained that in my example. It’s for when you need to SEE BOTH CHANNELS AT THE SAME TIME, but only temporarily. I don’t understand the difference in doing this in the mixer vrs. the project window. In both cases, you’re trying to adjust something quickly with 2 related channels that don’t normally occupy the same space.

If the answer is no, Nuage or Nuendo won’t do that, I accept the answer. That’s just a statement of fact. But, I don’t understand the logic behind this restriction. :neutral_face:

Hold on … you are talking about channels that are connected through a VCA fader.

In your case, if your Bass & Kick are on the same VCA, then you can click “expand” to “solo” the two tracks in the mixer view.
Your project window will follow if: (see pic)

So, yes, this will work when you use VCA’s to link these channels.


Well it can (i think, Fredo really does know more about the Nuage

You can without Nuage at least (but not over eucon.

You just have to synchronise the mixer with the project window to do it. Wether possible or not with the Nuage mixer I don’t know. But it ought to work.

That does not move or change order of things only change thei visibility on Borg the mixer and project view at the same time

Okay, that will definitely work for my purpose! Is there a way to route multiple VCAs out from any single track?
Ex: Can I route the Kick to Drums VCA and a Kick/Bass VCA? That way, I can expand the K/B VCA track when I need to see just those 2 tracks and, otherwise, leave them in their normal VCA settings when I don’t need to work on them.

So ok, I mix faster than I write…

As far as I know you can’t “nest” channels, and you can’t have one channel belong to more than one VCA. Unless I remember incorrectly or am misunderstanding something.

Yeah, I’ve figured that out. My work-around is to just have an “O.R. (like the hospital) VCA” fader. When I have 2 channels that are spread too far apart that require “surgery,” I will temporarily assign them to that O.R. fader and then use the “show tracks connected to the 1st” command, via Eucon. When I’m done, I’ll just re-assign the original VCA they had prior to the “surgery.” The only down side is that my controllers won’t update to show the O.R. configuration. :frowning: But since it’s a visual edit, I’ll settle for that ability. For stuff I know I’m going to have to work on regularly. like Kick/Bass edits, I’d already made a layout that goes to just that view. The controller snaps to that view automatically because of the macro I wrote that’s linked to that visibility agent. When I go back to regular view, the controller goes back as well.

This quick pairing of channels idea was for other issues that come up from time to time. This O.R. VCA fader seems to be as close as I can get to a speedy and flexible solution. So, it’s a partial win! I’ll take it! Thanks! :wink:

So am I understanding it right that you get the controllers to follow if you use “visibility agents” but not otherwise? I thought that the suggestion here was to use the ‘show channels connected to selected channel’ or whatever the visibility command is called… in which case I suppose the controllers should have followed along…

No, the ONLY time the artist series controllers match the DAW screen is when you’re in the start/default setting. Everything from there on has to be customized.

I wrote layouts that matched my 8 visibility agents and linked them in macros. I have 11 mixer views that I use regularly. So, views 9 - 11 are a 2 step process. I hit the configuration on Nuendo then I select a layout that matches it. This is a total pain. But with the 8 views limit, that’s my only option.

This VCA idea was a way to get more “mileage” out of the controllers, before giving up and going to "high priced units.

Yes it is a issue that eucon can’t “use” the regular visibility handling to control what is visible on the surface. It’s a pity as it is quite a bit stronger than the “static” layouts using eucon.

Hopefully this can change eventually

But you don’t need to use a VCA to do this Keyplayer. You can just select two channels and issue show only selected channels. And remember that you can always undo a visibility change as a separate action. Quite useful.

Yep, that is, in fact, a lot faster than the VCA route. It’s maddening not having the control surface follow the DAW’s “view!” Another major irritant is always having the selected track show up in the farthest right hand corner. I would much rather the selected track to show up in the middle of the screen, so that you can see the other related tracks immediately to the left or right of it. Is there any preference you can set to make that happen?