Nuage Components

I have been comparing features between the NUAGE system and the AVID S6. I believe the NUAGE system has a better pricing point and assuming it will integrate better with Cubase. My question is one of confusion. In figuring out what components I need, I am first a MIDI musician with primarily a short truck-full of keyboards and modules that when all connected are roughly about 56 inputs. In addition to that, I have an audio interface with 8 IN and 10 OUT for VSTi and mics for live vocals and instruments. Second, I hate patch bays so I would prefer to have everything hooked up permanently without having to patch. Third, since I do not need convert any of the audio from keyboards and modules, I do not need to bring the audio into my computer, I just need to be able to control it and send it to recording devices in the mix.

Where I am mainly confused is, what is the difference between the NUAGE Neo I/O devices and the Rio series I/O devices? Should I use one or the other to be able to channel all my audio through the system?

Next, I currently use 2 iMAC computers to run my studio. the first, (Master) runs Cubase 10 and the second is networked and runs Vienna Ensemble Pro. Will this setup play nicely with the NUAGE? I assume I need a Windows PC to house the Dante Accelerator and host the system software, and then I can use my iMAC to continue to run Cubase, or can I do everything from a MAC computer.

Thanks for Reading


I think I may have answered my own question, but not sure. The only difference I can tell from these devices other than the NEO needing db25 cable to pinouts, is that the Rio devices have built in MIC preamps, so those would be best suite for vocals and live instruments and the NEO devices do not have MIC preamps so better suited for line level instruments such as keyboards and modules?