Nuage Controller Question

When recording, will the Nuage desk (or any other controller for that matter) feed signal to a hard disk recorder just like a real desk? If so, would you still have a latency issue to consider?

Nuage, like any other controller, just controls your DAW.
No signal is passing through a Controller.
See it as an add-on to your Keyboard and mouse.


I understand that it doesn’t pass any audio. But when you guys record into Nuendo your pre amp to AD converter shows up on your channel input, right? The talent monitors via headphone feed from the Nuendo Mixer Cue Section and you’ve got direct routing out which can send the signal anywhere you want even to external outboard. So, why couldn’t you plug in an external HDR, just like an outboard unit and route the signals to it? :question:

Sure, but why?
Nuendo is fully capable of recording the audio without a external recorder.
You wouldn’t actually gain anything that way.
You have to go to a more complex/separated setup to have any extra security (if that is what you are after, it is quite unclear what your intended purpose is).

Nuage the controller has absolutely nothing to do with this at all, the Nuage is just a controller. Unless you are thinking about the Nuage NIO audio interfaces. But they may or may not be used with a Nuage as such. Many users seem to think this is a turnkey system only. It isn’t. But you can buy it as one as far as I can understand.

So I suggest rephrasing your question to explain what you are actually trying to accomplish.

Not getting it.
Ask yourself the exact same questions for a Nuendo system that only consists of a computer, keyboard, mouse & audio card (I/O). The answers will be exactly the same as for a Nuage system.
Nuage is connected to such a Nuendo computer by only one small cable, and it does nothing else than remotely controlling that Nuendo computer.


I’m not trying to do anything. I saw a studio spec on a website where they listed a Euphonix System 5MC with Ampex 24 track along with their Nuendo & PT DAWs. Since it was just a controller (which didn’t have the Euphonix mic pres) and I didn’t see any other real mixer listed, I was wondering how it was possible to feed the talent their cue mixes during tracking to an analog tape deck. The only solution I could come up with is the one I mentioned. So I wanted to know if that was actually possible, that’s all

I guess it is just a matter of patching the signals from their AD converters to the chosen recorder.
if they let the signal run through Nuendo, they can even use their controller to a certain extend.
This would be one way to feed their talent cue mixes.

With the right hardware and some clever tricks you can indeed control a lot of stuff with Nuage.
With the apporpiate I/O, you can remotely control input trims if your AD’s.
(Nuage hardware - Yamaha HA)
We control our DAD X32 though midi messages and digitally merge/split/copy inputs through RME Totalmix.


The System 5 MC is not just a controller, it is a hybrid digital mixing console and controller.

I was answering to …__



THIS one was just the controller. It didn’t have the mic pres.

The S5MC IS just a controller. I promise We own two of them.
There are several models of eucon capable S5 consoles, but only the fader packs are the same between the S5 and the S5MC, and neither does any processing at all. The processing in a S5 mixer is done in a 19"rack processing unit (don’t remember the names right now )