Nuage > crash adding user assignable key

Hi Group

I’m using a Nuage (latest firmware) with N11 (latest SW) on a Mac Pro 7.1 @ Catalina.
When adding a user assignable Touch Panel function with ‘Process Plug-in’ my system crashes… I’ve added the crash log.

Please advice.

Best, AlanNuendo 11_2021-02-17-102213_STUDIO2.crash (188.7 KB)

It’s a “known” problem, without any solution for the moment.
It is caused by The Waves Waveshell and maybe by some other plugins.
Try removing the Waveshell and see what gives.

Very inconvenient and annoying, but that is all I can give you for the moment.
Everybody is searching for the problem and a solution.


Hi Fredo

Thanks for your quick reply. Hopefully there will be a fix soon… :slightly_smiling_face:
I think I found a work around that works for me; I’ve created a macro for each DOP plugins I want to add to the User Assignable buttons.

Best, Alan

If you remove the Waveshell for the time that you need to be in the Nuage Setup, then it will work.
After you 're done, just put the Waveshell back.


unless you want to add waves plugin to user assignable.

Did you actually try it?
Because I just did, and it works perfectly.


I wonder how you make it work. after I remove waves waveshell I don’t see waves plugins to put in user assignable panel.

How I did it …

-Start Nuendo
-Remove Waveshell
-Assign plugin to button
-But Waveshell back


Hi Fredo

Thanks Fredo! It works.
First I thought I had to remove my Waveshell V12 in my Application folder Waves>WaveShells V12, but than I realised I probably need to remove the WaveShell in my VST3 folder. After that it worked :slight_smile:

Happy again. Best, Alan

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I think it’s fixed now with new update: TOOLS for NUAGE V2.1.2