Nuage crashing N11

Hi, just did a fresh install of Win10 and N11. Everything has been smooth since yesterday but now suddenly, if I try to open the Nuage Master settings in Nuendo everything just crashes… opening the Fader settings works fine, everything normal, but not with the Master. Tried to re-install Tools but didn’t help, is there a preference file that doesn’e get deleted when you reinstall?

It’s a “known” problem, without any solution for the moment.
It is caused by The Waves Waveshell and maybe by some other plugins.
Try removing the Waveshell and see what gives.

Very inconvenient and annoying, but that is all I can give you for the moment.
Everybody is searching for the problem and a solution.


Hi, ok thanks, I’ll try removing waves, don’t use it much but I love my R Bass plug… :frowning:

Yep,that worked… computers eh…?

Well, you can just put it back after you have done what you need to do in the Master Settings.


I take it Waves are aware of this issue?

No worries.