NUAGE Environment Question

Along with a seemingly countless list of irritants regarding my Artist Series Controllers, one of the most annoying would be the disruption of work flow caused by the “Nuendo Environment.” Granted, this is clearly a Steinberg Issue and cannot be blamed on the controller. But it really is annoying to be working on something and selecting a control that just worked 5 seconds ago and then not have it work now because your “Focus” has changed. ie: I group several tracks IN THE PROJECT WINDOW for mass processing. I hit the Quick Link control and it doesn’t work! Why? Because I’m in the Project Window and not the Mixer Window. But wait, the Project and Mixer Windows ARE LINKED! Doesn’t matter, apparently. I HAVE to switch the focus to the Mixer Window in order to activate the Quick Link button. :confounded:

This has been a PITA ever since they switched the work environment to this “Fragmented Version” in Nuendo 7. I dearly wish that they would return it to the ONE ENVIRONMENT FOLDER we enjoyed from Nuendo 6 back to 1! But my reason for bringing this up is that I wondered if the NUAGE controller(s) eliminate this fragmentation of the environments. So, it doesn’t matter what screen you’re on, when you pick a function on the hardware surface, that function then works in the software.

If that’s the case, I can see a significant argument for the savings you would eventually enjoy, once you get past the very real fiscal pain of investment. This stuff really does add up when you’re “in a flow!” The gear is supposed to be essentially invisible in it’s assistance to the process. These other controllers ARE NOT, unless they are purpose built to work with the software. So Avid/Eucon is great with Pro Tools. Fairlight was totally holistic in it’s Ecosystem approach, before BMD disrupted it. And so too NUAGE is really the only route to an unencumbered working relationship with Cubase/Nuendo, right?

In my experience any controller that relies on a control protocol like Eucon or HUI/MCU will ‘ignore’ window or pane focus. It’s really only when the controller sends key commands that it becomes an issue… if I remember correctly.

Sorry if that doesn’t help - I don’t use Nuage unfortunately.

I have the same confusion why do I have to stay in mixer to make QLink shortcut work?

I’m not sure I understand your point about Key Commands. One of the features I really like about NUAGE is there “Track Category Selection” Menu. If I only want to see Audio between locate points, I can. Or if I only want to see MIDI tracks, I can. Now, I can and have made Layouts on my controllers to mimic that function. But it NOT THE SAME because NUAGE has code that sorts the tracks for me. If I want to go to an all MIDI track view and I’ve added new tracks or subtracted other tracks, my Layout will not reflect that until I update it. So, merely writing a Key command isn’t the same thing. Or, is that not what you meant?

I mean that for sure key commands rely on the right window to be in focus. Any controller that sends out key commands will face that same problem. A dedicated protocol won’t have that problem. It may have others, but not that one.

My Contour Shuttle Pro for example sends out key commands via its buttons, and it’s a problem for the above reason. My Presonus Faderport on the other hand doesn’t do that, it sends out midi messages and so it’s a different protocol. So it’s possible Nuage will bypass that problem because it’s using the remote SDK (“protocol”) to access functionality in Nuendo. Or to put it differently: I would expect it to work as you would like it to work because it would have nothing to do with key commands.

I think I and others made the feature request years ago to either allow for custom key command sets per window in focus (which would allow us to copy the same commands to several windows or get more functions available) or simply have the software ignore window focus relative to key commands.

Still a good request I think.

Ok, I understand if some people want to have the same shortcuts for some purposes in different windows, but what if the others don’t want this. There definitely should be the option to choose.

That’s what I’m saying, yes.