Nuage Fader Pack not synched to Master

Two years in and I’m still trying to understand some of the design choices on Nuage. I get the difference between the channel select and channel expand. But in Nuendo it’s fluid and everything works TOGETHER. If I’m adjusting the dynamics on channel 10 with the Channel Edit window open in Nuendo and I switch to channel 15, I’m now looking at the dynamics on channel 15. If I do the same thing in Nuage, not only am I not looing at the dynamics on channel 15 I’m still looking at channel 10! You have to hit the channel edit button on channel 15 to make the new channel appear.So, channel select and channel edit work very differently in Nuage.Fine, I get that.

What I don’t get is the Master Window doesn’t update with the channel selections. IE: I’m on the EQ of channel 10. Then I switch to the dynamics on channel 10, the fader pack shows the dynamics. But the master channel window still shows the EQ. :astonished: WHY arent they locked?

In Nuendo, whatever I do on the mixer window shows up immediately on the channel window on my other display. Now when I go over to the fader pack and select my last adjustment made, it will show the change. But why didn’t it jump to that status WHEN I made the change on the Nuendo page. Furthermore, I have to do the same thing to the master page. I have to switch manually to the same ting I had to open on the fader pack. This seems nuts to me. THEY’RE ALL SYNCHED (ALL of my nuendo mixers/views are synched to the Nuage hardware)! So, if I change one, it should change all. I guess technically it does. But in Nuendo, I don’t have to go from EQ to Sends. It’s done automatically from every view. But in Nuage, I have to activate the sends button to see the change that I just made in Nuendo. Then I have to do the same thing again in the master window. This seems ver ineffieicient to me.

Is there some other setting that I need to activate to make the master and fader pack, at least, show the same info when I switch without me having to switch manually either/or individually?

I think there is a pref for the edit window to follow selection. Also in the project window there is a little sub menu at the top of the inspector next to the word “Visibility” list that allows you to sync project selections with the various mixconsoles and Nuage. That might help. I just use the edit button on Nuage to edit that channel instead of select.