Nuage: Figure this out


here’re the correct links:


Maybe they would rather keep it a secret. Or perhaps the existence of such a Nuage system is a myth… Who knows?

According to the Events page on the Yamaha Nuage site, it’s going to be at AES NYC in a couple of weeks.



Yamaha will have a Nuage system at AES show. They’re still in the process of setting up the


I’ve not been able to find one in London I can go & look at either.

Timo says he will be present in the inauguration ceremonies of the flagship product at AES show in NYC next week. You might like to visit both Nuage and Timo there. (I have a feeling you will!)

I am completely with you on having the option to choose between the new and old mixers in a later update–something which was on my mind for a long time, but never said it because I thought not only was it a far-fetched idea, but also that people would laugh at me even for bringing it up. I’m not a programmer, but I’ve seen DAWs like Logic way back when they offered the option of “Old Look” and “New Look” when Emagic introduced a new (read strange) GUI, so that those who were–for whatever reason–uncomfortable with the new one had the option to stick to what worked better for them. Steinberg can definitely follow suit, and satisfy both pros and cons of the new mixer. Please go there and talk to Timo. I am confident many of us are dying to hear about this subject from an official insider.

I admit I was mostly off topic, and I apologize.

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