Nuage Junior -Is this a sign? :)

Saw this the other day on the Steinberg Twitter account:

Could this be a subtle hint that they are developing a new controller of some kind? I hope so!

A mini Nuage, maybe…

Urghh that’s 80’s ugly. Why would that be a sign?
Don’t think there is a market for a native Cubase controller, it would not be cheap if it has to compete with those MCU controllers that work for pretty much any DAW. Not that it wouldn’t be cool :wink:

Judging by the hashtags ‘Throwback Thursday’ and ‘Legacy’ I think it’s safe to assume this is an old design concept they worked on.

Personally I think there is a market for good quality controller designed specifically for Cubase. I’ve owned several controllers over the years but none of them have been perfect for Cubase -and that includes the MCU which I didn’t find was particularly good. Econ controllers are way better IMO and Steinberg/Yamaha could certainly make something better than the Eucon stuff if it was designed from the ground up with Cubase in mind.

That’s the logo design used by Steinberg in the late 90’s. To the right you can see Neon, the first VSTi ever which was bundled with Cubase VST 3.7. The pic is of a 15+ year old prototype.

That said, just because it’s an old proto that doesn’t mean that they’re not hinting at something.

Maybe they’ll incorporate it in the new deal with Harrison Console…