Nuage Marker Question (General)

I just want to make sure I’m understanding this correctly. I’ve followed the Ashly Sheppard Tutorials on how to make regular markers and cycle markers in Nuage. My original goal was to set the song’s start and end markers and be able to jump around within that range to any of the song’s markers. This has been achieved.

However, when I select a cycle marker, it will jump to that point. But the cycle range remains at the start and end points of the entire song. If I double click on the cycle marker’s locate point, that range is now reflected in the start and end window and the engaged cycle control will now play within these parameters. But now I’ve lost my song start and end points, which means I have to reset them every time I use the cycle marker.

Is double clicking the cycle marker to activate the range control normal or have I just found a work-around? This was not covered in the tutorial. If this is the normal procedure, is there a way to access cycle markers without losing my universal start and end point in the song?

First of all, Nuage has no influence in this.
This is purely related to Nuendo.

Have a look in the preferences of the marker window (and possibly the manual).