Nuage Parts Question

I’ve seen a lot of Nuage Systems that have the QWERTY keyboard recessed into the armrest of the Master Control/Small Workspace section. Is this a special part you have to order to make this work, or does that part come with some pre-fab connection that allows you to place the keyboard down into the combined sections?

You can have a keyboard within the drawer inside the armrest of the fader unit.
As far as I know, anything else is either a custom or non Yamaha part.

Thanks, I know about the fader pack drawer. But you can’t do that with the master controller, because it’s only 16" wide. I have always thought that to be a ridiculous design point. That plus the outrageous price for the small workspace module, to fill in those last 8" seems “predatory!”

I was so hoping that there was a prefab part option for that keyboard placement. :disappointed_relieved:

Prefab as in buy it from Argosy or similar might be available. Otherwise I’d say it’s custom.

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I just place the keyboard where it’s handy. (No, the keyboard is not dirty, apparently the lights above give that impression. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

On our second system (Cinema mixing room) the keyboard remains in the armrest. Since it is mostly mix-only, we very rarely need the Keyboard.

I also thought that it was a design mistake, but after using it all these years, I came to the conclusion that it’s all or nothing. Having the keyboard stored in the armrest is actually pretty annoying. Either you use the keyboard and have it on your desk, or you don’t use it and just hide it.


using a very low profile keyboard like the Apple Bluetooth keyboard helps a lot as it is not really in the way while using the master controls while mixing. Wireless is a must though so you can push it away in any direction when in the way.
My main mix position and sweet spot is just to the left of the keyboard somewhat between the first faderunit and the masterunit… looks asymmetric in the room, but works really well.

and yes… it is a PC combined with an apple keyboard… it works really well and I got used to it… got my colleagues convinced to do it the same way in our 3 other studios :slight_smile:
this way when changing studios we don’t get knots in our brain.

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Well, it’s not being offered from any of the Studio Furniture Companies. I’ve been calling around and not only do they not offer the mod, most of them said they only make the enclosure for the madules, not something that attaches to the module directly.

Wireless keyboards don’t work well with the PC in another room. My computers are in a “machine room.” So, I need the Keyboard to be hardwired. Why don’t they have some kind of cable management infrastructure?

This is the cleanest setup of a Nuage System that I’ve seen.

No cables running across the console.

Well that is just a wireless low profile keyboard placed on the armrest. Nothing special about that at all.

Personally I do not like that style.
You have no support at all when using the keyboard. The trackball is in the wrong place in relation to the keyboard. The keyboard is in the way when working on the master me that setup only looks ok for the very occasional use, I also prefer full size keyboards but that is personal.

I hope my custom frames will turn out good. First unit arriving next week. What I have created is a bit different.

Come on, some creativity here …
Hardwire your USB receiver so it is in the control room.
That way you can use your keyboard & mouse wireless.


Totaly correct. You need your two hands on the Master Unit.