Nuage Question

Can you program the jog wheel to scroll through tracks? I was wondering because I noticed the scroll strip was only on the fader pack. But what if you only had the master section? Is there a way to scroll up and down the mixer using that unit separately?

I’m trying to figure out which to get first, if you can’t buy both at the same time.

I just checked this and yes, you can scroll via the wheel by holding down “alt/option” or by using the arrows in the master section. John.

Great, thanks a lot.

Nuage can do about just anything

Except control plugin parameters if t here are more than 16 of them. I had a Nuage for almost a month, thinking this would not be such a dealbreaker but compared to my ID (sadly EOL) the loss of mixing workflow was very apparent. I get the definite feeling for Posties, Nuage is perfect at the price point and is without a doubt superbly built & finished - a very nice looking piece of kit in the studio too - but for mixing audio, for me it loses too much with the lack of the plugin control.

Now - if there were to be a firmware update that gave us pages for plugin control, the same as the ID, then I will definitely be all over one in a heartbeat.

Neil, are you still able to use your “id?”

Sorry, but that is not correct Neil.
All parameters (all) are available from the CTH screen.
In the mixer, 32 are available. On top of that you can customize them so you have all your favorite parameters for every plugin always in the same place.


Apologies Fredo - you are of course correct - it is 32 parameters but when dealing with Channel Strips, Guitar Amp plugins & other complex ones this is still not enough. Yes, you can also customize them on the main section but this is not really that useful - if you are using a Channel Strip that has over 32 parameters how do you know what you need on rotary encoders until you fire it up? Ditto guitar sims - this is the main reason I find Amplitube 3 almost unusable as unless you use the mouse it’s almost uncontrollable whereas the older Ampeg & Fender sims give you everything.
Same issue with complex reverb plugins like the Lexicon stuff. The simple, easy fix is to add pages rather than tying you to a system that limits workflow & forces use of both the main section AND mixer section to utilize this custom feature, and I really hope they do this. The Nuage is designed for Post not music production, and I am still looking for an ID replacement.

Which brings me to the “does the ID still work” question - yes, it certainly does but less & less is supported with each new release. For example right now the new strip section is only half-implemented (Gate, Compressor, Limiter) with Saturation & envelope off the radar) and it’s unlikely in the extreme we will see any further updates to the ID Firmware which is a shame. The first company to come up with a well laid out controller that handles Nuendo & Plugins will get my money and sadly in it’s current state the Nuage is not it, sadly for me.

Can you just page over to next set of 16 parameters?

Well I found out that when a plugin opens up it opens in the master LCD screen and u can assign parameters to the encoders from the master section and the fader section as well…then if u need to control other parameters just assign them

I’ve got an ergonomic question.

The fader packs are 24’ wide with the retractable arm-rest portion that holds an extremely narrow QWERTY keyboard (most of the KB’s I’ve seen will NOT fit into that enclosure). But the Controller section is only 16" wide, requiring that 8" blank spacer that usually holds the mouse or track ball.

That’s the very section where most controllers would place the KB. Avid’s D Control had the KB built right into the controller, the original “id” controller had a built in KB, The Euphonix System 5MC and MC Pro built their control sections around the KB and everybody else places their KB in that same spot via some under carriage retractable shelf or they sit it right on the arm rest in that sweet spot where it is needed.

That KB placement is a MAJOR ergonomic “thorn” that everybody using DAW’s has to deal with. Manufacturers who have settled that dilemma charge a serious premium for such a simple and obvious solution (like the MC Pro, D Control and “id”)! So why did Yamaha design that section of the Nuage controller without it? :question:

That is indeed a inconvenience. However, you actually hardly need the keyboard. The only times you need the Keyboard is for typing words. As said many times before, I’m not a fan of controllers. And at first I had the same reaction as you, but after working more than a year with it, I couldn’t xare less.


Another “inconvenience” for me is that the thing is too high. With the monitors it reflects a good bit of high frequencies.

well u can angle them down like 45 deg’s…oh u should see the system I designed !!! oh boy !!!


just a first draft

Seriously? How big is your studio?

this system is not the one that will be used each system will have 3 readers and 2 monitors for seq
the studio has 2 theaters in it and one will have this for film

I love nuage …I might propose

I must agree with Fredo, here. The keyboard is useless for anything but labeling tracks and typing file names when saving or bouncing.