Nuage Questions

Hi folks. I had the good fortune to test drive a Nuage system at Yamaha yesterday as I’m considering biting the bullet after years of being frustrated with generic control surfaces and failing miserably with touchscreens since ditching the old analogue desk.

One thing neither I (nor the Yamaha rep) could fathom is in general channel mode on the fader unit, is it possible to change functions controlled by the two rotaries? For example, if I want to have them control Attack & Release on the strip compressor rather than the default Thresh & Ratio?

I also couldn’t work out how (if possible) to display 2 plugin windows side by side like Dual Block Mode.

They didn’t have any 3rd party plugins installed & I’m wondering how these are handled by Nuage - are all the functions mapped by default?

One thing I didn’t get round to trying was the ability for the faders to record CC info. Is it even possible & how do you set it up if so?

Other than those questions I was pretty blown away with it! I’m sure there’ll be a few more questions after I’ve given it another run but any help with the above would be most welcome - cheers!

Hi, first of all there’s a bunch of instructional videos on Youtube, check them out. :wink:

Change fuctions on rotarys, yes, use the section control

3rd party plugs are mapped yes.

Hi Alex, thanks for the reply!

Yeah, I’m working my way through the Ashley Shepherd videos but haven’t come across the answers to these as yet!

Great news about the 3rd party plugs - do you know about the faders recording CC data?

Hi, sorry, didn’t see this. Not sure what CC data is to be honest. :wink:

MIDI control change messages. Basically writes like standard audio automation but for MIDI control such as modulation etc… Pretty sure Nuage doesn’t do this but it’s not a huge issue (just nice to have)! I’m having a 2nd test drive next week so will have a look then. Cheers!