NUAGE Surround Panner Stand-alone

Does anyone know if the Nuage Surround Panner can be used stand-alone?

Or had anyone has some nice experiences with other stand-alone surround panners?

Niek/ Amsterdam.


As far as I can see, it connects through LAN.
This makes me think that the panner will communicate through the Nuage component which is “connecting” all LAN connected devices (Like the Fader & Master sections) and Nuendo on the Host machines.

But it doesn’t hurt to ask JL Cooper.


The Nuage Surround Panner is functionally identical to the Eclipse model - JLCooper Eclipse PX.

The drivers are almost the same from what I can tell, just that the Nuage Panner comes with the additional Nuage & Nuendo integrated system support. If you want to use it with other DAWS, you may not need to load additional drivers. If it doesn’t work, just load the Eclipse driver by itself (I have not tested this).

The unit connects via any standard network and will operate on a dynamic or static IP address. It is not too hard to configure the static IP address unless you want to set it to DHCP, and once configured it is easy to operate.

I have had great luck with the Nuage Panner (at least in 6.0.7)

Good Luck,