Nuage system or Digital Mixer ?

Hi All…
a studio that im work at wants to upgrade/change his analog mixer to Digital.and some overall improvements(DAW etc…)
is nuage system with the I/O units can function as a real time mixer ? meaning direct monitoring(or unnoticable latency) with Fx and processing on each channel like a modern sophisticated Digital mixer ?

or is it better to go with digital mixer like yamaha DM2000VCM or O2R96VCM? and if so, how do i connect those mixers to DAW to use it as Audio interface ? should be connected with dante interface ?
or maybe through adat with existing sound card?(2 creamware scope with total 32 adat i/0 )

**any other great sounding and featured D/mixer suggestions in about the same price range are welcome.

**the studio will be used mainly for music recordings and production.
will be use probably windows OS and nuendo 5.5 or 6.5 ,also external gear will be connected to mixer.