Nudge Backwards, MIDI events of Selected Take to the Start of the Take


Most the time, when I record using MIDI keyboard, I notes that are delayed and need to be nudge backward. They way I do it now is: on my MIDI take recorded I,

  1. open the key editor,
  2. select all midi notes by pressing Cmd+A
  3. Use mouse push back the first selected note and all other notes of course will follow!

Is that possible to define a logic Editor Preset to do that? I would say the algorithm is as follows:

Given a midi take:

  1. find the time distance between the first note in the take and the start position of the take in PPQ, say, DELTA
  2. In Action target subtract the PPQ position of the note by DELTA.

Unfortunately, logic editor seems to be implemented as a memory-less process.

Any idea how this is possible please?



You are totally right. Logical Editor cannot handle a variables this way.

Enhancing the MIDI logic editor that can hold variable(s) would be very useful. Also the Nudge to start would be a nice feature as well.

There were several times, I could have done MIDI stuf, with LE if it would allow me to use variables.