Nudge by 1 bar does not work in time signatures greater than 4, e.g. 5/4, 6/4

When trying to nudge objects by 1 bar in 5/4 and 6/4, Cubase doesn’t function properly. It only nudges it by 4 beats, the first push, then by the remainder the second push. This requires two nudges instead of one, which throws off everyone’s key commands and messes up my workflow.


Here’s a larger/clearer screen rec: Dropbox - TimeSignatureNudgeProblem.mp4 - Simplify your life

Not sure if it would further mess with your work flow, but the only way I could get it to nudge a full bar of 5/4 is to set Nudge to “Link to Grid” and set the “Grid Type” to Bar. Any other combo (1/1 for nudge or Quantize (if grid type = "Use Quantize) resulted in the behavior you are seeing… Thinking the 1/1 should mean 1 bar regardless of Time Sig…

Edit: It appears that 1/1 equates to 4 beats and the actual time signature is ignored.

So, 1/1 works for a bar of 3/4, it nudges it 3 beats instead of 4, and for 2/4 as well. It’s just when there are more than 4 beats per bar, it will nudge by 4 beats for the first nudge, then the remainder for the second nudge.

Your right, with 3/4 (and Lower) and Q set to 1/1. Grid set to Use Quantize, and Nudge set to Link to grid, it nudges 1 full bar, but over 4/4 then the issue occurs. Must have not used that configuration while testing it.

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If I select a note length value of 1/1, be it for quantize, nudging or anything, I expect the 1/1 value to represent a whole note / semibreve:
So If I select 1/1 for the purpose of nudging, and see a nudge of a full bar in a 3/4 time signature, then that is the bug in my mind.
Quantize or note length values has never been a fraction of a full bar/measure.
A measure in 5/4 is comprised of 5 beats of quarter notes. A full measure could be composed with 5 quarter notes (5 * 1/4) or one whole note plus one quarter note (1/1 + 1/4).
5/4 ≠ 1/1

Sure, either way is inconsistent behavior, and therefore, a bug. I’m new to the forums, how do we make sure the developers know this is a bug?

This is an interesting behaviour. Taking into account that:

a) This only occurs with Snap Type set to Quantize
b) This behaviour is consistent for ALL quantize values when a nudge step would bring the cursor OVER a barline. (For example, set signature to 3/4. 1/1 will nudge bars, 1/2 will first go to 3 and then to the next bar’s 1, and not 2. In 6/4 time, 1/1 will go to 5, and then to the next bar’s 1, not 4. In 11/8 time, nudging 1/2 will take us to the 5th eighth, the 9th eighth, and then to the 1 of the next bar.)
c) There exists a key command especially for the purpose of nudging bars (Transport → Nudge +1 Bar and Transport → Nudge -1 Bar) that works regardless of Snap Type setting or time signature.

I would offer that this is not a bug. It’s a feature. Unexpected? Yes. Surprising? Yes. But I think it’s useful, in the sense that it respects bars.

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@audiohead75 The official way is to file a support ticket afaik. If you’re lucky, a Steiny rep or forum mod might notice the “issue” tag and file it for you, but it’s not guaranteed.

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