Nudge cursor (right) doesn't work with odd tuplets

The shortcut “transport → nudge cursor right” failes due to rounding when an odd tuplet is selected and grid type set to “#use quantize”.

(win 10 cubase pro 11.0.41/448)

To reproduce:

  • set grid type to #use quantize
  • in quantize panel set a tuplet that doesn’t divide 120 evenly (in this example 9 but also 7,11,13,14…)
  • to make things easier chose 1/16 grid (it’s only for the math though, it happens at all settings)
  • have “transport → nudge cursor right” shortcut bound to a key

Repeatedly press the nudge right shortcut and after 1 or at most 2 steps it stops nudging further.

This happens at every position in which the actual position (in ppq) is rounded down from the calculated exact would-be-position.

For example: song position is one 1/9 of a 16th-note to the right of the calculated position for this would be 1/3, since 120/9=13.3333…

It seems that cubase looks at the current position, which is, calculates the next bigger grid location, which would be, it moves the locator there which gets rounded back down to

This is a somehow inaccurate description, because there probably is a clever formula involved that workes for both ways, left and right. And in the left case the calculation is always correct.