Nudge Cursor Right (move cursor one quantize value to the right) misbehaves

This issue occurs only when the Score Editor is open.

The issue in short:
When I execute the “Nudge Cursor Right” (while my Quantize value is set to “1/2”), the Project Cursor moves 3 quarter notes forward, when it should move only 2 quarters.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. In empty project add the following time signatures:
    project start [4/4], next measure [1/4], next measure [4/4].
  2. Draw a 5 measure MIDI part and open it in the Score Editor.
  3. Move the Project Cursor to the beginning of the third measure.
  4. Set the Quantize value to “1/2”.
  5. Execute the “Transport - Nudge Cursor Right” command.

Result: The Project Cursor moves 1 quarter note farther than it should.