Nudge cursor, Tempo & Snap issue

Here’s an issue which is present from the very first days relative to Bars, Time code, Project start Time, Tempo and Snap mode.

Let’s say our sound precisely starts at Bar 5 & TC 01:00:00:00 (00 subframe) with a 120bpm tempo. We wish to have 8s preroll so the Project Start Time will be 00:59:52:00 (00 subframe).

Snap ON to Grid, Grid Type on ‘Frame’ i.e. If we click anywhere on the project, the cursor location will always be strictly on a frame (with zero subframe). Let’s 'Nudge cursor + or - 1 frame, everything’s ok.

Now let’s say we change the tempo to 90bpm. We still want the sound/music to start on Bar 5 at TC value 01:00:00:00, we can set this with ‘Set Time code at Cursor’ function.

As priority looks to be for Bars & Beats, the project will always start at Bar 1. The relevant TC value is relative to this and will be 00:59:49:08:26subframes in the current case.

Now let’s click anywhere on the project, still with Snap ON to Frame (but it’s the same with Snap to Second i.e.), cursor location is still on a strict frame.

Here we are : let’s nudge cursor + 1 frame → cursor location will be 1 frame and 26 subframes further. If we nudged -1 frame instead, cursor would have been back 54 subframes only (80-26).

While nudging cursor by 1 frame, it will always snap to the number of subframes relative to the Project Start Time. It means, depending on the tempo, nudging +1 frame could nudge up to close to 2 frames.

How can it be that with Snap mode to ON, nudging cursor doesn’t snap the real 1 frame value? When working to picture, this is a really annoying and unsafe issue.