'Nudge' in WaveLab Elements?

Does WL Elements 7 have a nudge function as I can’t find it, searched the pdf manual but to no avail?
I hope it does, because it’s a pretty important, basic function really, for an editing program such as WL (even a light version).



Only for WaveLab, not for Elements. This being said, this is available (in all versions) in the version I am preparing,… but only with a CC-121 Midi Remote Controller. I don’t know yet if there will be a menu added for Elements, to make the nudge function available though key shortcuts.

I really do hope you add it for Elements too (please!), as I said before, it is an ‘elementary’ function one would expect in any half way decent audio editor :wink: .



WL6 Essentials had the NUDGE function, very useful Please PG add it to Elements as well!

I am speaking about the Nudge function in the Audio Montage, to adjust various elements. WaveLab Essential 6 had not this function :wink:

Ooooppssss, I was thinking about the good old “kicking boot”! I miss it :frowning:

I miss it

Really? I think it made no sense in the destructive editor part.

“I think it made no sense in the destructive editor part”

…well, this being said, I don’t miss it anymore :exclamation: