Nudge MIDI note by one tick - function to be assigned to a continuous rotary knob

Is there such a function in Cubase? A function that the user could assign to a continuous rotary knob to simulate the scroll wheel changing a value… For instance, to change the position in time with the scroll wheel, you would first position the mouse pointer over the time format (say, over the bar number) and use the wheel to increase/decrease the value (in Info Line).

I think I’ve figured out how can this be done. It involves the Logical Editor. I just have to make the necessary LE preset and voilà! I can map it using the Generic Remote to anything. Yeeeey!

So far I’ve managed to nudge by one tick the start position of an event.

I’m so happy!!! :innocent:

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Will try this as well. Thank you for posting. Now, it would be really cool if you also could make it speed dependent, I.e if you move fast a larger amount is added/subtracted.

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