Nudge/Move Marker?

I can’t see how to do this, so I’m thinking it’s a feature request…

When marker positioning needs to be fast & precise, it seems like there isn’t quite enough functionality (for example, precise region or CD marker positioning). I need to be able to use the keyboard to nudge a marker by a pre-determined amount. Also, to be able to move an existing one (maybe the closest?) to the cursor or anchor position. This would allow position to be set by ear (by dropping the cursor), and movement of CD/region markers by small predictable amounts without changing zoom-levels or the randomness of dragging. Seems like it might be a common need when editing and I believe other (less-capable) editors such as Pro Tools and Pyramix provide it.

It occurs to me maybe the marker list could be an alternate interface for this, but it is not nearly slick enough as-is.

The list of ‘wants’ gets smaller and smaller, though!


I never felt a need for this, since zooming in and out with WL is so easy and dropping a new marker at the current anchor position is simply pressing the ‘Insert’ key. I always use that to drop by ear. Removing an existing one is simply dragging it away out of the edit window.

In the Audio Montage, there is a Nudge function. See:
and also refer to the manual.

Doesn’t that nudge audio? That’s what I saw when trying to use it. I need to nudge marker position.

OK, but wouldn’t it be easier to nudge the existing one and set the position by ear? For detailed editing, one might want to move it 100 ms at a time and listen for what feels right. Plus, having to drop 60 new markers that were named during recording is a problem.


Doesn’t that nudge audio? That’s what I saw when trying to use it. I need to nudge marker position.

The Nudge command can target several things: marker, audio, edges, etc…, as listed in the menu. There is an “auto mode” to nudge the last clicked element, or a fix mode, to nudge always a given element.


Ah, now I see, thanks! I must have missed it because I am looking for something to nudge markers in the Audio File workspace.

This- along with several other things I’ve run into (using the peak normalizer, seeing a vertical waveform dB scale, etc.)- is the kind of thing that seems a little arbitrarily limited to one workspace or another. So please consider these feature requests, or someone please correct me if I’m wrong…


You are right, nudging would be welcome in the audio file workspace too.

BTW, while it would be useful in Audio Files as well, the nudging system + auto select + key command flexibility makes this very slick and powerful in the montage!