Nudge note slightly horizontally?

Wondering if it’s possible to move a note slightly to the left or right. Don’t want to actually change its position on the rhythm grid.

Of course! As far as I can tell this hasn’t changed since Dorico 1.1 - try starting by watching this:

Thank you so much! How the hell could I miss the big NOTE SPACING toggle! Derp!!!

I will say though…I wish outdated answers on this forum could somehow be deleted. I got a few hits where Daniel S. wrote “it’s not possible yet” regarding this (of course referring to version 1 thought that wasn’t mentioned in the post). : (

Well yeah, derp :wink:
You evidently caught me in a good mood!
It’s worth noting that the search results, shoddy though they are, are (by default) sorted by reverse date order - start at the top and hopefully you won’t come across too many that relate to a much older version of the software.

Actually, I tend to search via Google. That way other sources and videos often come up. That and obsolete posts.

May just have to change my ways.