Nudge Relative to Grid?

Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been working with Cubase Pro for the past year in my role as an audio preservationist. So, yeah, 8hrs a day, 6 days a week, somehow digital audio workstations aren’t quite as fun as they used to be… I’m a liar, yeah they are.

Is there a way to make the “nudge +1 bar” function work relative to the grid instead of snapping to it? I need to be able to drag clips exactly x seconds away from a point, so I move the clip(s) to the cursor and then use a shortcut to jump x seconds forward and extend the clip. I realize I can just type the time into the time display, but you know how it is, I want the shortcut. When nudging, though, the cursor first snaps to the nearest grid line, and so the process gets interrupted. Any ideas?

No one has any ideas?

Change GRID mode to RELATIVE then the Nudge will work from that location. Just to the right of SNAP up top you have your GRID setting, change it to RELATIVE

Hmm, I thought about that, but then I have the issue that I can’t snap clips to the cursor. What I want to do is snap a large number of clips to the cursor (at a random location as opposed to on the grid). From there, I want to extend clips by exactly 2 sec (so 4 beats at 120 or 2x1000ms, I can’t remember which it asks for, I know Nuendo uses ms). It’d be nice if there was a cursor + relative grid snap mode. So, not there yet… I know you guys love a challenge.

Yes, Grid Relative and Cursor Snap would be nice

  1. Command+L will move events to Cursor , turn snap off grab events and move where you want, Command+L.

  2. Grid +Relative takes care of the NUDGE

  3. Option+L/R, Shift+Option+ L/R to extend or shorten the event

  4. When you say EXTEND the event, Im thinking select the EVENT, Audio/Events to Part, Command+Shift to extend right length in SECS.? Add a 2nd ruler bar track and change it to seconds

  5. When done I think you want to Audio/Bounce selection/Replace to have the extended Part included

Works here

Hope this helps

**You could make a MACRO to combine the key commands to have less mousing around