Nudge to cursor needed

I’m making a bunch of macros to greatly improve my workflow and faced the lack of like “nudge event start left to cursor” and “nudge event end right to cursor”. Maybe anyone knows how to do it by another way?


No. I want to change start or end point of event with macro while audio is staying on its place like I do it manually dragging start or end of event by mouse thus changing the length.

¿Crop start/end to cursor position?

You mean Cut Head \ Cut Tail? Sorry but no again) I want to extend start-end to cursor, another word - add lenght to event, not to reduce, what cut head\tail does.

I understand your feature request and I also miss it in Nuendo.
It would make my life a lot easier, so :


Niek/ Amsterdam.

OK, I understand. I think I’ve seen something like this using Nuage.