Is it required to adjust the main quantize settings each time to affect the nudge movement amounts…or can we set a specific nudge amount which is independent from the main quantize panel settings?

Ok so I suppose I have to switch the time base on the ruler to seconds…then use the nudge buttons…then switch it back to bars beats…or
Use the logical editor…select a custom shift value setting…press apply…close the editor?

Seriously? We can’t just assign a separate nudge value to the nudge buttons that’s not linked to the current quantization value?

If you use the key command (by default “.”) to swap primary and secondary time formats, the Nudge function will work according to the current quantize setting for that time format (so, if you are normally on “Bars+Beats”, with a quantize setting of, say 8ths, and when the time format is set to Seconds, or Frames, (and you set its quantize setting to, say, 10ms or 1 frame), when you swap time formats, the Nudge will automatically change from 8ths to 10ms (or 1 frame, etc.)

I agree swaping the time format is the best option but it really needs it’s own separate resolution settings!