Nudging and Aligning in Engrave

I will admit that I am OCD and like to align things. Grouping dynamics is my friend.

In cases where I have rehearsal marks, tempo indications (e.g., Andante, a tempo) and other text:

  1. Is there a way to ensure these are always aligned the same way vertically so they are always the same distance above the staff?
  2. Is there a way to nudge things slightly? When I drag with a mouse I always go too far one way or the other.
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  1. Abutting tempo marks (like rall…a tempo) will align, but otherwise they won’t automatically. You could try increasing the minimum distance values for these items in Engraving Options such that they’re all pushed further away from the staff. If they end up sufficiently far away, they won’t also use collision avoidance from other items and could end up more aligned, but also remember that Engraving Options apply in all layouts, and these values might not produce good results in parts, for example.

  2. Yes, see here:

Hi Folks,
In the same vein, I encounter a similar problem but for other items in the following example: I come from a divisi part which, when it returns in unison, retains both voices because of the pagination. Unfortunately, the nuance applied to the section in unison and displayed on both voices cannot be moved without affecting the other, giving me too great a gap between the staves.

Could you share this project, or a duplicate version of it that’s cut-down so it just contains these bars if you’d rather not share the whole thing? Your screenshot doesn’t look expected, so there might be something else going on.

Hello Lillie,
I don’t know how to share only this page at the Dorico format. I can send you the whole project :grimacing: but it’s perhaps too havy

Try saving-as a whole other project (so your original won’t be affected) or duplicating the original file in your Finder/File explorer.

Then, in the duplicated project (definitely not your original), delete the bars of music before and after this excerpt. Leave enough bars to demonstrate the issue. You can delete other players that aren’t showing this issue too.

Hi Lillie,
here’s the file. The problem appears at bar 15. Something strange happens ; I only have this problem at this bar… everything is Ok for the rest of the score.

Danseries imaginaires sympho23-10-23-[AutoSave] - Score - Bloc 2.dorico (2.0 MB)

Ah, the gradual dynamic (cresc) is spanning the unison restoration: as in, one starts while they’re still divisi and continues into the bars where they’re unison.

What happens if you remove this unison restoration (which only lasts 3 bars, anyway) and manually duplicate the unison material to the lower staff?

Oh yes, it’s ok now Lillie, you’re absolutely right. In fact, I use this system (divisi) whenever I think it’s necessary, but I must admit that it’s not very useful for just two measurements. I have the same kind of problems later with slurs. I’ll choose the best place to insert a divisi next time. Thank you!

Hi @Laurent_Bomont , I noticed in your original project file that somehow the hairpin in vc 1 and 2 was not the same, forcing the F to a strange position.

-I (in Page view) deleted the hairpin in bar 12-14 from vc. 1 and 2 (and the F jumps to correct position),
-recreate the hairpin in vc. 1,
-duplicate it to staff below
-and (now that is linked) set the desired length (with shift+alt and right arrow).

And without touching the position of the unison, it shows the correct position for the F.

There is no point in going unison for only one bar (17, Violin I).

Hello Christian and Mark
thank you for your posts. I guess I have to change the divisi/unison only in case there is a sufficient number of measures. I very often choose to compose music from a piano and 4 or 5 different instruments, then recreate an orchestration. That’s why I sometimes have only few bars in divisi.
However, it would make sense to check these small problems into the future updates, regardless of the fact that there’s only fews bars concerned in my example.
Thank’s for your help .