Nudging the horizontal lyric placement upwards?


I have tried many times in the ENGRAVING options to nudge my lyrics higher so they are not colliding with the stems of second stave and I can’t seem to respond to my engraving request…

Here is a snap shot of the collisions and why I wish to change this engraving preference if there is one.
Screen Shot 2019-01-29 at 5.35.16 PM.png
Many thanks for any insight!


It looks like either:
a.) you are in galley view (in which case you can’t do a thing about it)
b.) your score spacing is incredibly tight so you may have to shorten stems
c.) there is a down stemmed voice in the upper stave off screen to the left forcing this particular row to be displayed particularly low
d.) [the most likely] you need to adjust the default spacing settings in engraving options>lyrics>minimum distance from staff

Since it is most likely d (or b/c & d) set this to a smaller value and the lyrics should shift up. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust individual syllables or lines of lyrics yet although Daniel has indicated that adjusting lines is coming in the next version.

…meaning Dorico v3.x, not the upcoming bugfix release.

Thanks pianoleo. Sorry for the confusion there.

Thank you for your response… I did all of the above…and I was not in gallery view… So it appears there is a bug.

I hope there may be a work around! I will sit tight!

Many thanks again!


Thank you for this.

When do they expect the v3 to be released? I can’t imagine that will be sometime soon. Might there be a work around in the meantime possibly?

many thanks!


I have no idea when v3 is set to be released. My point was that there’s been frequent talk about a 2.2 bugfix release over the past couple of weeks, and nobody’s promised anything re: lyric adjustment for that (2.2.x) release.

And no, I don’t think there’s an easy way around this one, though I’ve genuinely never seen vertical spacing as bad as the spacing shown in your screenshot. You may need to attach a cut-down project that exhibits this problem, not a screenshot, in order to get further help.

This is a weird problem. I wonder whether it might make any difference if you removed the lyrics and re-entered them attached to a different voice (e.g. the upstem voice in the lower stave, if they are currently attached to one in the upper stave. You would need to change the properties in the property panel to “above” the stave, instead of the default “below”).

But it could just be as Romanos401 says - that the spacing in the score is so cramped that the lyrics can’t push the vocal two staves farther apart to prevent collisions, as they normally would. The remedy for that would be to reduce the stave size … or perhaps manually adjust stave spacing in Engrave mode.