Nudging the selected point in the Playing Technique Editor using the keyboard

Very often dragging one or more points to the left or right does not work. In this case I should drag the to up or down. This will make the points move. Then I can push them to the left or right.
I think this is a bug.


Is there a way to nudge the selected point or points in the Playing Technique Editor using the keyboard?
For example, the selected point (the orange one) in the following image:

There are, by design, restrictions on how you can drag points in the MIDI editors in the Key Editor. You don’t specify which specific points you’re trying to drag, but I suspect you are trying to change the position of a point that cannot be changed without moving the whole region.

You cannot nudge items in the MIDI editors with the keyboard.

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Um, in the attached screenshot above you can see a point with an orange colour. This is the point I selected.

So I thought that the selected point could be moved vertically and horizontally by using .keyDownAction and .keyUpAction for this view area (MIDI editors in the key editor) independently of other areas.

I thought, based on my humble and amateurish programming experience, that a window could have many child views and each view could be controlled.