Is there anyway of nudging audio without using the quantise/snap value? I thought if you deactivated quantise/snap you would beable to nudge freely.

Well, “Snap” tells Cubase how far to Nudge each time, so you’ll need to have it set to something :wink:.
But you can set it to a single sample :slight_smile:. (you’ll have to switch the main Ruler over from “Bars+beats” to “Samples”, however)

Cheers for reply mate, yeah that is how i’ve been doing it, i’ve moved over from PT where you had separate ‘snap’ value for nudging. I will just have to change workflow a little, get all the drums etc down and then mess around with syncopation after.

To ask a simple question, not knowing what PT is, - in Cubase 5 I could easily set separate quantize and snap values. In Cubase 7 they seem to be locked together which is a major irritation. How can i say - set a quantize value of 1/4 note an snap value of 1/64 so I can nudge to small values? This is in the standard, not drum editor. Peter

They are, as you say, locked. But if you assign a couple of key commands to the different Quantize presets, you should be able to switch quickly from one to another :wink:.

yea this was irritating when I made the switch to Cubase from DP… I nudge audio by slight amounts ALL the time… besides making a quick key to go to 1/128 note, if I want smaller, you can go to the Info line and click on the Ticks part of the “Start position” and you can use your mouse wheel/click and drag/use up down arrows to move by ticks.

does the job pretty quickly… just had to change my hard wired habit of just using the left and right arrows with no snap…


This is one of my Annual Requests over in F/R. I hope you will find it and support it over there.

There should be a ‘nudge’ hot key… You hold it down and can then move objects in teeny increments as in other apps.

This is all really easy if you set a few Presets using the Logical editor. You can also move MIDI in ms, rather than ticks, if you like. Caveat; SB broke the ms feature at some point in the Nuendo cycle, so it may not have been fixed properly in Cubase, but ticks certainly works.


Hey DG, can you elaborate a little more on this? I’m intrigued… would greatly improve my workflow…


I usually just right click on timeline and select timecode.
I set the value to 1/2 frame which is usually good but smaller or larger values available and then I nudge. The value is of course remembered when switching back to nudge again.
Takes 2 seconds or less.

Right, I see that too, but what if you’re lining up audio to the grid? Which that’s what i’m doing 99% of the time… doesn’t it change the grid to TC? I’ll test that later today…

I did find out the LE way. You can say 1st half) Property - Set to - Event Selected 2nd half) Position -> Add/Subtract -> 5 ticks.

So I set 2 different ones, one adding (right) and one subtracting (left). And just assigned those to be CNTRL-Left/Right

Easy Peasy!

Although, that only affects midi notes, so to get audio to do the same, you have to set the same equation in the PLE. I then assigned that to OPTION-Left/Right.

I’m not in the studio again until the end of the week, but will post a few screenshots then, in case they are useful.


I don’t get it. How can I nudge small amounts? (in Apple Logic this is nicely done and simple to understand - basically nudge is not the same as quantise over there)