Nuedno 5.5.1 Midi Dissapears


Hi when i’m recording midi in replace mode , and i’m recording 3 bars of midi data , and i want to punch in on bar 2 and go on with the recording , let say 10 bars. the data dissapears.
you can see that nuendo is recording but ( the lane fills with data ) but it just dissapears after recording.

( no problems in nuendo 5.1 same project same Prev. ) and Cubase versions)
no problems with (recording midi mode ) merge and newparts .

in Nuendo 5.1 the midi record mode is combinned with the cycle mode.
and there I selected Midi overwrite .
in 5.5.1 there are two rows were i selected overwrite in cycle mode and recplace in midi mode.

midi replace mode only works when I first fill the track with empty data . or I stretch out the first 3 bars to the end of the project.( fill the project with a large empty midi lane ).
then i can puch in or out every thing works.

So the problem is only when you overlap you first midi recording. and then make a longer recording then the first.

Can someone help me , or is this just a little bug.
i thing so , because it works fine in previeus versions.

Nuendo 64 32 / QuadCore 2.6 8GB - -Cubase 5- Win 7 64 bit - CC121-FD-FD.-MR816-Motu HD192

Well, yes and no.

Indeed no new part is generated after the first part ends.But the data is available. Just use the glue tool on the first part. Magic vodoo, out of nothing the missing data is there. It’s not possible to achieve this by just enlarging the first part (because the new recording is on an underlying invisible part…)

You can also see this is the inplace-editor. The new data is there, greyed out.

It’s a bug. (“overlapping part not being generated after recording MIDI in replace/overwrite mode”)

and a really nasty one.

Why is this bug still not fixed in Nuendo 5.5.2 :imp: :smiling_imp: :imp: