Nuemnndo 11 AAF Bug


Exporting an project as AAF with consolidated Files creates a new filename for every exported audiofile. Seems to be a bug.

Is that not what we should expect? I would think if you create new audio files they should probably have unique names to not confuse them with the old audio files… no?

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Checked. This is normal behavior, because it creates new files.

Thanks for your responses. First it has not been like that in previous Nuendo Versions nor in other Daws. In my opinion ist would be better if the Original Name would only be modified so ist would be easy to know the reference.

Just checked in Pro Tools… same behavior. Not sure which DAWs you mention that do not do this, since it is a feature of the AAF format itself, to create new audio files with unique names. Been using AAF / OMF since they were invented, over 15 years.

Curious to see which DAWs you use that somehow do not follow AAF format? Thanks.

an AAF exported with LINKED files will keep the files as is and you can manually copy them. Consolidating creates new unique copies of the audio files.

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For your Support. Seemes that sometimes the easiest explanation does not come to mind.

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