Nuendo 1.61 not on new elicenser

At one point, I knew this was coming, I’m currenty up to Nuendo 5.52 and a client from the past wants to revisit and repurpose a pre Nuendo se$$ion that’s was done on Cubase 2002

I have been a Nuendo user past that point

My eLicenser did not or does not display or retain the legacy Syncrosoft licence.
At one point the old parallel dongle was transferred to my eLicenser and the USB key and the eLicenser has been upgraded many times over the decade
Nuendo almost opens!!! Then warns it has stopped working and will close

Is this a licensing issue or a i386 running on Win64 issue?

So these Cubase *.all sessions need to be resurrected through Nuendo 1.61 as it can import and read the session
I have Cubase 5 Essential but only *.cpr files

As the Beatles sang. . . Help me if you can I’m feeling down!

Well I have reverted to the original Nuendo 1.01. It Launches :smiley:

Nuendo patch 1.53 and 1.61 crash on my x64 Win7 :imp:

My client has his session somewhat back to the future

. . . So a fix of sorts


Have you tried using the old dongle? My old dongle still works on XP.