nuendo 10.1.0 aaaaages to start


i don’t know what to do any more. my nuendo is so slow to start. it’s stuck on Studio Manager for 10min literally.
if i stop the process in windows 10 it does not stop ! takes long time before it is set as “suspended” then eventually stops.
i fully uninstalled nuendo 10, download and reinstalled it. it’s the same.
i removed the VST folder… same.
i removed pref folders… same.
(edit : recovered computer at previous moment in time … same)
doesn’t look like it’s a problem. i could just wait that long on session start. The problem is i feel nuendo is super unstable. freeze alot. so i have so many restart that in the end i never work.

i mean… i can reinstall windows but it’s days of reinstallation… i need to work :stuck_out_tongue:
any suggestion ?
… i’m thinking reinstalling nuendo 8 but will i be able to load sessions from nuendo 10 ?

Updated elicenser / run maintenance?

I’m still on Nuendo 6.5 here (Windows 7 Pro) and I’m testing the trial of Nuendo 10. So far, I’ve tried opening 6.5 projects in 10. No problems. Projects started in 10 are also opening fine in 6.5. This is very important to me and one of the first things I tested. I can’t say for sure about Nuendo 8 as I don’t have it but everything is working great between 6.5 and 10 here.

I disabled VST Connect by renaming the files…Start up time improved by leaps and bounds. From about 35-40 seconds down to 10 seconds.

thx for your answer.
my nuendo was stuck for entires minutes. So… after investigation i found that some devices connected to my USB ports where not compatible or something.
computer with nothing to USB was working fine. So i added USB one by one and now nuendo is working fine. :nerd:

When I evaluated Nuendo I made the experience that Nuendo starts up slower compared to Cubase.
Not tragic, but noticeably.
Wondering why some code can’t be loaded later, when its actually needed to make startup quicker.

i had the problem again although didn’t change anything in my USB.
nuendo stuck on loading “studio manager”
so i tried to terminate it but imposisble. to restart PC but PC stuck in restarting…
so i removed USB devices and it’s only when i removed the USB HUB (elektron overhub) that holds my ilok, elicenser, vsl) that PC would restart.

I’m getting the same issue with Nuendo 11. Besides hanging on Initializing: Studio Manager for about 15 minutes. There is also a problem where the first track (regardless of it being say a sampler track or group track) hangs while loading a project and adds another 15 or so minutes. I’m seeing start up times of 30 minutes, and is quite a bummer.

About the machine, Windows 10 Pro, version 20H2, build 19042.685
Older 2 CPU Xeon E5v3 machine with an AXR4T interface.

So far I’ve done the following:

  1. Factory reset of OS and reinstall of everything.
  2. Uninstall and reinstall Nuendo.
  3. eLicenser clean up and update.

None of these have been able to improve start up performance. I’ve created dump files for Nuendo initializing and for project loading, but unable to upload them as they are the wrong extension and about 2.2 gb.

Once everything is loaded up, there are no issues.

I take that back, any Steingberg instrument VST is slooooooooow. Groove agent SE is taking eons to load