Nuendo 10.1 ARA 2 support at same time as Cubase 10.0.30?

Is Nuendo 10.1 ARA 2 support coming at the same time as Cubase 10.0.30 on June 26? Just wondering if we’re still on track with the new release calendar for Nuendo, now that it’s supposed to be much more closely synced with Cubase, and Cubase ARA support has been delayed a few times before.

Previously, Timo said:

And over in the Cubase forum, Matthias said:

So I’m just wondering if we’re still on track to get ARA in Nuendo 10.1 in June? Not freaking out here, just wondering. I no longer have my Cubase license, and I could use it on a film I’m working on! But only if it is stable! :slight_smile:

Is included!


Excellent. Very excited. This, to me, is also a test of the new “more synced” schedules and release patterns that Steinberg promised for Nuendo. When Nuendo 10 was announced, it was a big deal IMO that Steinberg announced a change in the release patterns. So this is good news that they’re following through on the first big maintenance release after launch! :smiley:


Is there a way to assign it to a keyboard command - I can’t find it in the key commands or in Eucon to assign to a shortcut…

I’m getting No sound using ARA Melodyn with Nuendo 10.1, I’m running 64 bit processing, any thoughts?


Switch to 32-bit precision in the audio engine. There’s supposed to be a fix soon that will work properly in 64-bit

Thank You …