Nuendo 10.1 available - comprehensive feature and maintenance update

Dear Nuendo-friends,

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Nuendo 10.1, the latest free update to the Nuendo 10 product generation.
Nuendo 10.1 provides long-awaited new features and more than 75 bug fixes.

New features:

ARA 2 support
Nuendo 10.1 introduces support for the ARA 2 protocol.
This feature can be found under the Extensions heading. There are three ways to apply ARA-capable Extensions to an audio event:
• Audio Menu > Extensions > Choose Extensions (e.g. Melodyne)
• Context Menu on Audio Events > Extensions > Choose Extensions
• Info Line in project window for selected Audio Events > Extensions > There you can either select an Extension, or you can read which Extension is already active for the selected event.

The Extension item only appears if ARA-enabled extensions have been found by Nuendo. If there is nothing on the system,
you won’t be able to see it in the menu.

Cue Sheet export
This new feature enables to extract Information or data from a project and save it as text, mainly in form of a table or sheet,
thus create a report for accounting of all music pieces, or of all VO clips of a narrator, used in the project.

Split channels
This new functionality serves to split interleaved multichannel audio files into mono files – both on referenced clips in the project
and single files in the Pool.

The update installer download and version history are available here: NUENDO 10.1
(alternatively also via the Steinberg Download Assistant).

Have fun,

Installed and trying to work with new ARA with Melodyne 4.2.2 BUT, once selected in Extensions context menu, audio transfers correctly but no sound. Anyone has tried it?

Thank you for this huge update, and it’s on time in June as promised, and synced with the Cubase maintenance release as promised too!

Looking forward to test ARA – I see that Cubase folks in the Cubase forum are having problems with 64-bit processing with Melodyne though causing no audio – hopefully this can be resolved soon. (@Dolfo – from the Cubase forum, it seems the solution is to switch to 32-bit processing precision and sound works.)

Thanks for all the other fixes!

Very much looking forward to video rendering in the upcoming 10.2!

We have the same issue on cubase side- for some reason Melodyne ARA doesnt like the 64 processing precision in studio setup- change it to 32 bit and the sound will work.

Whenever I choose Revoice Pro Link as extension (I have the latest version of Revoice Pro 4.1), Nuendo simply freezes.

Thanks, video rendering is still scheduled for end of July!


Thank you all for your first reports on ARA. As you can imagine, the ARA integration is a very complex topic, as we very much need to rely on 3rd parties here. Thank you for any report, it will be reviewed by our dev team.

Great to hear! Thank you!

assuming it works ! :wink:

Well, we have to start somewhere, right? :smiley: Any application as complex as Nuendo will have issues here and there, especially with something like a new video rendering feature with their own – and relatively new – in-house video engine that they built from the ground up (after the Apple fiasco when Apple dropped Quicktime security support).

So this is all after a huge amount of development time building something from scratch without using an existing framework. Contrast that to other DAWs that still rely on OS-specific or third-party video features.

So no doubt there will be some codec or frame rate issue with some people with the upcoming video render feature, and we all know the beta process is imperfect. I’ve been pretty upset at some of Steinberg’s mistakes in the past (including delays with the new video engine!), but I realize at least on this one, it’s a large task indeed. One that I hope eventually will pay off with some awesome features in the future, that no other DAW will have built-in.

I think the lesson from Apple’s withdrawal of security support was handled overall well by Steinberg, and I now like the fact that they decided to build their own video engine.

Anyway, back to 10.1 and I won’t be dreaming about 10.2 and the video rendering feature until July! Cheers!

Nice video about using Cubase (works the same on Nuendo) with Revoice Pro 4.1 and ARA2:

This update completely messed up my event background colour scheme, tried everything I could think of, not solved.
Any insights? Im on OSX Mojave 10.14.5, Nuendo 8 colour scheme working as expected.


Is the non-integer scaling for high DPI in Windows still being worked on, or is that just not technically feasible at this point?

Yes, would be nice to know. At least please give us 1.5 scaling.

Thanks to the Nuendo Dev Team at Steinberg. Installed earlier today. No issues so far.

Yeah that would do it. If third party plugin windows are the problem, I don’t really even care about that so much, they can be whatever size happens to work. But the blurry fonts and low DPI Windows file dialogs are really out of place in 2019! (given that 200% is way too much scaling on my display, I need to just disable high DPI mode in Nuendo)

Hi! Not sure where to post bug reports, but I have had an issue/potential bug with Melodyne ARA2 that wanted to send through to Steinberg.

One thing I’ve loved about using ARA in Studio One is the ability to use different Melodyne processes on different vocal takes. In Nuendo it would just be matter of applying Melodyne to the audio events within the different lanes, and moving between them to compare.

It seems like ARA breaks comping though as a Melodyne event on a lane will always play, even when not selected as the take to play back. You can manually mute these events, although this is not a great way to work. It would be great if the mute/unmute state of ARA audio respected the Nuendo rule of only being played back when ‘in front.’

not a bug as such - it’s a feature.

Essentially SB didn’t quite manage to get this working - they are promising to fix it at some point

there are a few more “features” to be aware of - check out the cubase thread

When trying to update to 10.1 I get the following:
Groove Agent SE Acoustic Agent setup failed.
The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.
Error Code : 1612

On process completed dialog, it shows:
Groove Agent SE Acoustic AGent : Task failed.
How do I get this installed and working?

Thanks for this! Glad to see they’re aware of it and are looking to fix it in the next update.

The other big thing for me is that Melodyne ARA doesn’t follow DAW tempo changes, which is something I loved about its implementation in Studio One. Really hoping they’ll look to include this in future.