Nuendo 10.1 available - comprehensive feature and maintenance update

Yes, 200% is way too much with me too. I’m running 2x 4k 32 inch monitors and 200% is insanely large. 100% is borderline too small (which is what I use), but a bit hard on my eyes. A true 125% or 150% would be perfect. Please, Steinberg, at least give us 150%! :slight_smile:


Please tell me that you guys will revert the colour scheme back to the N10 release version with transparent events option available.
Im a little freaked out.


Here is a fix that got me close to what I recall for the default colour scheme of Nuendo 8…

Go to Preferences > User Interface > Color Schemes. Click on the box below “Choose Custom Color”. In the HSV fields type in 200, 31, 29 respectively. Click OK at the bottom of the Dialogue Box.


FYI – here’s a link to Celemony’s website with some useful info on ARA in Cubase/Nuendo:

And a video:

I used Melodyne today and Revoice Pro with very satisfactory results. Great job, Steinberg!

Very very useful. Thanks for the links.

Thank you!

Great update!

Thanks Andrew. The issue isn’t the timeline background color scheme, its the waveform and events background color setup.
Transperent events are now gone and the change wasn’t addressed in the release notes, the steinberg staff didn’t said anything about the subject also.


To be fair, your N10.1 event color example uses the worst colors for the new setup. The lighter and less bold colors are more like the previous Nuendo versios simply due to their “blandness” which provides a better background against the waveforms, in my opinion.

I see the difference that upsets you and agree that it would be good to have the old options back. However, i dont find the new way unworkable at all. I’m leaning towards softer color choices and that is working well enough for me.

Just throwing in my experience and opinion.

Part of the problem is that NU10 doesn’t recall Color Prefs properly.


The screen from the 10.1 update is the stock color setup that popped up righy after the first launch, I didn’t messed with the colors at the time. I’m aware of the customization needed to have a softer look and already tried a few settings, thing is, I’ve been working with colored waveforms and transparent events since N3. So, my question again, why take back the feature in the first place?
I might be coming out as a little stubborn here, but I’ve tried multiple configurations along all these years and the one presented in the N8 screenshot is the one that always suited me. Even more strange is that the vanilla version of N10 still had that feature and I liked the overall cleaner aspect of the rest of the interface, no complaints there.
Why change this now? on a .1 update?


OK, I see. That is a sizable issue. Just to reiterate though. The colour change I made does stick on my machine and it is to do with those who want the general feel of the UI toned down a bit.

Thanks for pointing out the other issues with changing and saving the other colour palettes. I somehow missed that thread.

BTW, big user and evangelist of MIR Pro. Huge thanks for what you have done in that regard.

EDIT: Is there an ETA on when the Colour Prefs issues are going to be addressed and is there an acknowledgement that they know the full scope of the problem?


Can we please have ‘Transparent Events’ back? :frowning:

OT-reply ahead:

Thanks for the friendly words, Andrew! Highly appreciated. :slight_smile:

QUITE TRUE. My color settings also stopped working. Every time I set them up again, after the project restarts, the color scheme again becomes the default.
I’m on Windows 7 64 bit, Intel core i7-3930k 3.2 GHz

I’ve been with transparent events since N2, so sticking with v10.0. Bring em back please.