Nuendo 10.3 Crashes with WAVES v10 plugins... but 10.2 worked fine

I just got off a chat with support, and Tori was rude and condescending… refusing to acknowledge Steinberg has any accountability, and saying the issue is a WAVES’ problem, when Waves’ compatibility chart simply provides notification that their software updates comply with the most recent DAW version available AT THE TIME their software is released. This is ridiculous for Steinberg to change 10.3 so much that v10 software from Waves suddenly crashes their new build. Now, apparently because Steinberg won’t admit they’re responsible, everyone using v10 software from Waves needs to spend $240 for upgrading to v12 versions of their plugins… THIS SUCKS! … and yes, I haven’t posted to the Steinberg forums in a decade… I was Cubendo back then, and also yes, I was Zolo 15 years ago in the original forum… how’s Fredo??? :wink:

Sorry that you are having issues with Waves plug ins.

Does Waves 12 work with Nuendo 10.3?
But Waves 10 does not work with Nuendo 10.3?

That would be a Waves issue. Why come here with complaints?

PS I own Waves since version 3. Own version 12 now, the Mercury bundle.
I had issues with Nuendo 10.3, but it was definitely a Waves problem. They have had issues for over 5 years with the graphics that Waves has chosen to use.

Blaming Steinberg for another company’s issues… is that going to solve it? Probably not.

I also own Arturia, PSP, Nomad Factory, and other plug ins. They have less graphics issues typically, than Waves.

I have had Waves tech support admit their graphics issues several times over the years. So, I would definitely put it on them.

I only upgrade my Waves plug ins every two years, saving a little money in the process.


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Evidently you didn’t read the part where Nuendo 10.2 works fine with Waves v10 plugins… The issue is Steinberg creating an “update” to their existing Nuendo 10 platform that breaks compatibility with a major plugin manufacturer… it’s defiant arrogance and bad business for Steinberg to avoid accountability and lay the blame on Waves for their own shortcuts in coding and testing that broke previously functioning plugins in v10.2 of their DAW… I’m sick and tired of apologists who defend a company for avoiding accountability for their own negligence.

10.3 was a pretty major upgrade even though the version number didn’t reflect this. Page 1 of the Version History PDF states:

Important Notice
The framework technology on which Nuendo 10.3 was developed is no longer fully compatible
with Windows 7. If you are still using Windows 7 as your main operating system, we strongly
recommend to remain on Nuendo 10.2.20 or upgrade your operating system to Windows 10.
Nuendo 10.3 will be installed alongside your existing Nuendo 10 installation instead of
overwriting it. You can continue to run Nuendo 10 separately from Nuendo 10.3 if required,
and once you are certain that you no longer require the older version, you can uninstall it.

I know you won’t like this answer but technology changes and if you want to use the latest versions with things there’s a price to pay to remain up-to-date.

For what it’s worth V12 works great here!

Sorry about that… Hopefully you can figure this one out.

Did I say anything about Windows 7? Aside from Win 7 being superior in terms of not having the MMCSS/multi-core issues that now exist in Win 10 (which Steinberg also punted on instead of addressing and solving effectively), I’m using Win 10 and trying to make the best of it. It’s obvious to me now that Steinberg knew 10.3 was problematic given the fact Nuendo 10.3 installs into its own folder instead of being a traditional overwriting update to 10.2, They took shortcuts and expect everyone to accept it… not good business practice, fellas. And now we’re supposed to believe Nuendo 11 is the end all be all… I think I was hearing that about Nuendo 5 back in the days nobody thought there would even be a 5th version… Yes, I use the software, and I have since v2, but that doesn’t mean I like being taken for granted and forced to spend money upgrading OTHER software because of Steinberg’s negligence at doing a better job in-house.

Every new version installs into it’s own, new, folder.
10.3 is -unlike the number suggests- a new version.
And in addition to that, it has been very clearly announced that Windows 7 is NOT supported by 10.3. There are a bunch of features that just don’t work in W7. Video export is one of them.


I will say it again… I DON"T USE WINDOWS 7… Please read the title of this thread. Windows 7 was first brought up by a responder here for no apparent reason.
My complaint is an issue with Nuendo 10.3 crashing if any Waves v10 plugins used in 10.2 sessions are attempted to be opened in 10.3… Steinberg didn’t thoroughly beta test, or they simply didn’t care about making sure there was compatibility with the same WAVES v10 Plugins that work in 10.2… This alters compatibility midstream and forces everyone to go spend money upgrading their plugins, or find a different solution to a problem Steinberg created. It appears not much has changed in the past 15 years, when I said “The consistency is the inconsistency”. Thanks, Fredo, I hope you’ve been well all these years.

I’m sorry, I just don’t have the time to read every thread completely through.
And this info is not in the title.

FWIW. The VST SDK has -as far as I know- remained unchanged.
Other than dropping VST2 support, which was announced well beforehand, I have no knowledge of any changes, other than compatibility stuff with newer OS’s.

Ah … Zolo … Yes, it has been a long time.
And yes … I am still here.
Sorry 'bout that Terry. :slight_smile:
Welcome again.

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As mentioned, 10.3 was a major update even though the version number didn’t reflect this and was built on the Cubase 10.5 framework. I was attempting to illustrate that it wasn’t simply a minor version update by pasting the bit about the framework technology.

You can read it yourself here:  Nuendo 10.3 and Great Discount Ushers in Nuendo Anniversary  | Steinberg

If you go to Waves’ site you can see that their compatibility chart for Waves 10 only lists Nuendo 8 and up to Cubase 10 (not 10.5) so the fact it works on Nuendo 10 for you can be considered an added bonus.
Nuendo 8 (VST3)
Cubase 9, 9.5, 10 (VST3)

I’ll reiterate once more - technology changes, Waves does not support the host you wish it to work on, and this isn’t a problem with Steinberg but instead one with Waves. Their new versions ARE compatible and well worth the update IMO.

Title: Nuendo 10.3 Crashes with WAVES v10 plugins… but 10.2 worked fine :wink: …seems to indicate the main complaint perfectly.

Every new version installs into it’s own, new, folder.”… No Fredo, they don’t, and you know it!!!
Nuendo 7 had the original installation and 8 more updates within the same folder. Nuendo 10 had four before 10.3…
Cubase 6 had 6 updates BEFORE the paid step to v6.5, and 6.5 had 5 more updates and still overwrote the previous versions within the same folder of Cubase 6… the desktop icon that opens Cubase 6.5.5 still says Cubase 6.

Why would you lie about this???

And again, as I stated before, the WAVES compatibility list is published by Waves based on their plugin compatibility with the current existing DAW platforms AS OF THE DATE any new Waves software is re1eased! The fact Waves does not go back to update their website to indicate their v9 or v10 or v11 software still functions with current DAWs on the market is totally irrelevant, and does not provide a waiver of accountability or excuse for Steinberg to avoid dealing with user issues. At no point in this, from the pathetic online support session, to the responses in this thread, has anyone asked me anything about the session or what I was doing when it crashed, what particular plugin or .dll was identified in the crash notification, whether there was a dump file they could examine, or even anything as simple as whether I’m on a PC or Mac… it was all about Waves being the problem based on a LAZY reference to a compatibility list… (aside from flat out lies and irrelevant comments).

Well, you’ve been exposed.

Three days have gone by and nobody has come back to declare they’ve had no crash issues with Waves v10 plugin compatibility (or v9 for that matter) in Nuendo 10.3 or Nuendo 11. Nobody…
I have discovered some crashes were caused by having large sessions opened and adding an additional VST 2 plugin path, then clicking to update the plugin information… This is a problem. I’ve found the only way to avoid a crash is to add the secondary folder, then exit Nuendo and let it find the plugins upon the next startup. Having uninstalled/reinstalled, deleting preferences and defaults, and not trying to scan plugins during an open session, I’ve been able to get ALL my Waves plugins (v9, v10, v12) to work in Nuendo 10.3 and 11… No thanks to Online Support or Fredo… using a lame excuse that somehow because Waves released their v10 software while Nuendo 8 was the current Steinberg build on their compatibility list, they have an automatic waiver of responsibility to even attempt to ask any background questions or diagnose anything. Pathetic customer service.

If Steinberg’s official stance is that they only need to care about an issue when there isn’t a convenient scapegoat to falsely blame, support is nowhere close to what it needs to be.

Yes, I jumped to conclusions in my original post, because I had just been totally blown off by Online Support as soon as they could point to a compatibility list for Waves v10 software and claim it was someone else’s problem. Long story short, anyone representing Steinberg who believes you need to use Waves v12 Plugin software to expect compatibility with Nuendo 10.3 or 11 is full of shit.

So, figure out why your applications crash when scanning for plugins, please.

…here is something I hadn’t seen the day before… just trying to open Nuendo 11 yesterday… 3 minutes of a freeze trying to load, then the message window… then opening Task Manager to kill the task.
Nu11 crash

Anyone want a dump file?