Nuendo 10.3 'fill loop' with automation broken??

Anyone know if the ‘fil loop’ command in Nuendo 10.3 is broken?

I’m trying to copy the automation values from one clip to another. The clips have different length, and no matter what I do I can not get this to work. I’ve tried following the advice in this thread, but it’s simply not working.

Specifically this method:
"select the automation you want to paste there, and then choose “Edit -> Funcitons -> Fill Loop”. From there go to your automation panel, select your automation, and choose to reduce automation events."

When I select the ‘fill loop’ command nothing happens…, nothing at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

OK, I got it… sort of.

It seems that the ‘fill loop’ command does NOT paste in the values stored in the clipboard. In fact, you don’t even need to ‘copy’ the automation values. The ‘fill loop’ function (seemingly) will paste in the values that are currently selected within the range tool. Since this is the case, it also means that ‘cycle follows range selection’ must be turned off.

It also does not seem to work on disparate tracks. So if you have checkerboarded dialogue and you want to have the same automation values from one track to another this function (on its own) will not work. You have to combine it with a regular ‘paste’ function. It also means you can’t rip through dialogue events pasting the automation because the values you want to be set need to ALWAYS be selected.

You can get a little faster by making a macro, but because it doesn’t work on disparate tracks and the values MUST be currently selected with the range tool it’s a slow process.

It would be EXTREMELY helpful if we had a toggle in preferences that would switch from the current behavior to one where the values pasted are the values stored in the clipboard so that it worked like a regular ‘paste’ function, but would fill the selected loop with those values.

You could use mixer snapshots for this.

  • Select desired track
  • Place cursor to source automation location
  • Mixer - Store Snapshot
  • Select destination clip
  • “Locators to selection”
  • Enter “Preview” mode (Loop should be enabled too)
  • Recall stored snapshot
  • Punch preview

Note: Ignore the warning that states plugin automation will be deleted.
For some reason it does not work with Volume and Send Level or Pan, except when you press the “P” button on the respective lanes.
This is inconsistent and should really be fixed. Why it works on inserts and not other parameters?

Or if you just want to copy a specific plugin settings,

  • Right-Click the insert in mixer or in the plugin window
  • “Copy settings”
    [same workflow, Preview, Punch Preview]
    But you can not copy Volume or Send levels like this.

Thanks for the reply, but I’ve got a few questions.

  • ‘select desired track’ - Are you saying to select the track I want to paste/fill the automation to or the track I want to copy the automation from
  • ‘place cursor to source automation location’ - Are you referring to the ‘cursor’ or are you referring to a range selection?
  • ‘mixer - store snapshot’ - Are you referring to the command 'Save Mix Console Snapshot?
  • select destination clip - Are you referring to a range selection of the destination clip, or are you saying to select it with the object selection tool?
  • recall stored snapshot - The only ‘recall’ commands I can find are ‘recall cycle marker 1-x’ Is this by chance called something else?

-When you refer to pressing the ‘p’ button on the respective lane, what exact command are you referring to? Because for me ‘p’ will select the track above whatever track is currently selected, and I’m not sure that’s what you mean to do.

Apologies for all the questions here, but Nuendo seems to act quite differently depending on some of these scenarios. I.E., whether you’ve selected a clip with the range tool or the object selection tool then you will get different behaviors.

And just to confirm that the goal I’m trying to reach is the ability to take automation values (in this case it send automation), where the automation is ‘exact’ to the underlying clip, and paste that automation with the same values to another clip so that the automation is ‘exact’ to the new underlying clip.

The attachment below is what I’m trying to achieve, with fewer clicks and the ability to quickly move through checkerboarded dialogue. You can see that on both events the automation is ‘exact’ to the underlying clip, and on both clips, the automation value is the same.

OK, I was able to build a macro to make this much easier…, though I had to use a 3rd party app to do it because for whatever reason the built in macro editor would not perform this macro successfully. Bonus is that with this method I do NOT have to disable ‘cycle follows range selection’. However, I do have to make sure that ‘auto select events under cursor’ is enabled. Another bonus is that because I’m starting with the standard ‘paste’ command, I do NOT need to make sure the range selection currently holds the values I want pasted, as those values are now stored in the clipboard. And the biggest bonus of all is this method works on disparate tracks.

Step 1: Use the range tool to select a ‘small’ portion of the automation value you want pasted and hit ‘copy’
Step 2: Use the range selection tool to select the clip/event you want the automation pasted to
Step 3: Make sure the automation lane you want the values pasted to is directly below the clip/event you’re pasting the values to:
Step 4: Run the Macro

down Arrow (Move Down a track (to make sure the automation subtrack is selected)
switch to the object selection tool
up arrow (to move back to the main track (now the full event is selected because 'auto select events under cursor is enabled)
pause for .1 seconds
transport - locators to selection
switch to the range selection tool
fill loop
reduce automation events of selected track