Nuendo 10.3 Neutron in blacklist

Izotope Neutron was working in 10 but in 10.3 it is blacklisted

Trying to reactivate and Nuendo crashes. Any ideas?


N10 accepts 32 bits?

neutron 3 (64 bits) is crashing nuendo 10.3 (and the version before) without exception under osx 10.15.5 here (but doesn’t get blacklisted). has been working without any problems ever in previous osx-versions.
but working fine with the latest wavelab-version under 10.15.5.

Neutron 3 doesn’t crash Nuendo for me (see version in sig) but it has other issues related to preset loading and bypass.

attaching the screenshot of the problem. Trying to reactivate crashing. In 10.2.20 all works fine.

And “de-listing” it doesn’t work?



Osx 10.15.5

I could be wrong but it seems that those with iZotope (Neutron) problems are all on OSX…

I’ve had nothing but problems on OSX with Izotope plugins in Nuendo 10 in general, particularly mouth decline and Neutron 2 and 3, Steinberg has confirmed bugs in the Izotope plugins. Nasty buggy stuff Izotope. And they refuse to update or acknowledge problems until their “yearly paid update” schedule.

…it seems that all my izotope-plugins are newly crashing nuendo 10.3. (under osx 10.5.5).
no answers from izotope’s side…