Nuendo 10.3 small possible bugs to note


so been mixing with Nuendo 10.3 so far for the last few days overall pretty stable, only noticed a few minor bugs to note - however I did not properly start with a refresh of prefs that I plan on working through in the near future onces I’m finished the current mix.

CUE SENDS: CUE Activate for POST send does not save with project, each time I reload it I have to manually turn them on.

INFO LINE : Sometimes info line colors change to dark versions of colors I selected. This is random, may go away with fresh prefs

REVERENCE: processing with DOP has caused project to just close on me. Works okay as an insert.

Please note I need to update my windows as well as i’m still on 1803 (my system fails to update and I will have to investigate between projects also)

I will try to report more as I find them.

Great work, love the new features!!!


I cannot reproduce this. Could you attach a screenshot, please?

Dark orange color means, you have multiple events selected and the Info Line shows the values of the most left-top selected event.

Nuendo probably crashed, right? Could you attach the DMP file, please?
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

Thanks for the reply. I attached dump file for you.
Nuendo 64bit 2020.6.15 (1.16 MB)

Also thanks for the info about the orange info line, Now I understand why its doing that.

Also for the CUE Send not something up, seems to stay in the project now, maybe it was on a count of not properly saving after the crashes I had.



Reported to Steinberg CAN-29920.