Nuendo 10.3 to 11 - Audio Connections Presets Missing


All of my Audio Connections presets are no longer there once upgrading to 11. I did import my custom profile, but this did not make any difference. Can you explain how to easily get the custom presets for In/Out/Control Room available? Thank you in advance…

I can’t help you, but I’ve upgraded from 10.3 to 11 and all the Audio Connection presets are still there. I didn’t uninstall the 10.3 before installing the 11, though.

Mine weren’t transferred either. I copied the I/O .xml and they were fine but the control room presets .xml although copied across OK, still didn’t show up in the drop down in 11 unfortunately.

I ended up re-configuring it all. At least the I/O works though - not sure I’d fancy re-routing 48 I/O again.

No templates or track presets copied over either which was a real pain.