Nuendo 10.3 update: significant CPU increase!! (EDIT: Solved)

The same project (film composing with VEPro and Kontakt), N10.3 vs N10.2: WOW!!

**EDIT: Solved! The “suspend VST3 plugins while not used” was accidentally unticked

Did you check settings? No change in ASIOguard etc…?

Absolutely! I even took photos to compare and to make sure I did not miss anything. Settings are exactly the same!

I have to compare with a few more projects but the two projects I compared today use exactly the same CPU.

I’m not having that problem here. In fact, it’s opposite. I’m finding better performance with a current project at 96k with mainly VST3 plugins

Interesting…My project session has a huge number of VEPro instances, Virtual instruments, stems, reverbs, etc. I also tried a simpler audio tracks-only project and yet, the CPU load was the same…More testing is necessary…

Sorry, I just discovered that the “suspend VST3 plugins while not used” option was accidentally unticked. Turned it back on and it is normal now.

I’m glad it’s sorted!

There is something in the release notes about this being unticked on purpose by default

Oh…This makes sense, I didn’t remember un-ticking it. Do you know what is the reason they did this?