NUENDO 10 doesn't store any prefs


i’m really struggling here. i have opened a similar post for AppData not keeping my Presets saving from Preferences anything from track configuration on toolbars each time there’s a little “Preset” +/- icon i save it name nothing is ever stored.
i tried to use the Profile Manager it’s the same. when i try to reload profile i’m back with the HUB i removed from preference menu …
colors are back to default


maybe my computer is crazy, i looked at folder read write authorisations… i never had that with nuendos from 6 to 8
can someone help ? i’ll go for support if no ideas coming up because it’s impossible to work like that.
:confused: :confused: :confused:

Yes there must be something wrong with this. It occasionally will keep the assignments for the external plugins but most of the time when starting the program any assignments for inputs, outputs, external plugins etc are assigned to “none”. The names are still there in the list but there are no assignments.

It would be nice to have a file to load that would recall the assignments as saved. Then it could also be used to recall different configurations as needed. Similar to a “scene” but at least to save the default configuration. Templates do not always recall these settings btw. It is hit and miss.

That’s a know bug that just hasn’t been addressed in the most recent update.


Actually, Nuendo offers this feature since almost two decades now: All Prefs can be saved and recalled - even partially. It’s just this “landmark release” that messed it up. 8-/