Nuendo 10, No Eucon Software found

I have set up a new Windows 10 Pro x64 PC and installed only Nuendo 10. I have tried to enable EUCON from “studio setup” but the device failed to open. See attached screenshot.

I need to connect my Avid System 5 console to Nuendo to spill the EUCON tracks to the S5 Strips.

That’s NOT good! Anyone know if this effects Artist Series Hardware as well?

No problem for me with my artist control and mix.
But i have instaled N10 on a PC win7 64 with the old version of N8.

Try with latest eucon software, it does work perfectly here…

Anyone have a Eucon download link?

You haven’t done the same mistake I did a while back?
I didn’t have the correct dongle with the Eucon Pro license on…
Without it it won’t work.

It seems that opening nuendo as administrator does not allow Eucon to work properly.
I’m not an expert but it’s like that at home.
I hope this will help.


Working here with 2 Artist Mix and 1 Artist Transport.
Win 10

Just brought N10 on line with my MC, 2 Mix, 1 Transport and PT App. So far, everything seems to be working properly.

Working for me with Euphonix MC Transport + AVID Artust Control.
I have instaled N10 on a PC win10 64 with the old version of N8.

I had to install EuconWS on my new build. I was able to enable EUCON from “studio setup”.

The only issue now is that my S5 console does not see this Eucon enabled Nuendo 10 workstation. It may be a firewall issue.

Hi guys. Sorry for off-top but would you check on your system please if Nuendo or Eucon crashes when you add a mono track? Thanks

  1. Install the new Eucon software 19.5
  2. Update firmware 4 all devices !!

Good luck …


Lars Wegas: Did it before my first post, still have the issue (