Nuendo 10 on AVID hardware

Dear Users,

I tried to use Nuendo 10.2.10 on macOS (10.12.6) with AVID HD Native PCIe card and HD OMNI.
When I set buffer size on 64, the core audio driver doesn’t work anymore. There is no signal going out and nothing comes in.
On 128 buffers it works normal. But the latency is a bit too high for recording and cueing the talent on headphones.

What have others experienced with Avid hardware?



Avid hardwares do not work well on low latencies as AI for third party softwares.

Coming from the windows world, with ASIO it worked ok with buffer set to 64 smp.
But, had lots of quircks and errors like driver crashes and so on.

Avid just has some really bad drivers from what I saw so far.
I wouldn’t go that way.
I switched all the way to rednet :slight_smile: