Nuendo 10 - special 40% discount

Dear all,

We’re having “20 years of Nuendo”! We’d like to thank you very much, for your contribution, your engagement and your trust.
In these challenging times, many studios are concerned by the pandemic. However, according to many conversations, studio owners
and artist also use this time to renew and expand on their studio installations in order to be prepared for more orders after the crisis.

We’re standing with you throughout this crisis and therefore lowered the price of any Nuendo product (retail & updates) by 40%!
We hope to contribute to your studio project by making a new installation financially more feasible.

To the online shop: Nuendo 10 with 40% discount

Thank you,

Question on pricing - while discount is appreciated (I have a v5 license I’m tempted to upgrade), I wonder why is an upgrade from Cubase 4 or 5 significantly cheaper than an upgrade from Nuendo 5?

I recently made a purchase of Nuendo 10 on April 9, 2020 and now the software is on sale. Is there a way to get a credit for the difference?

Till when is this special applied?

July 10th

Thanks Timo.

Well that’s interesting… The Nuendo upgrade price is again $300!

I see $200 from v8…

As of 17h29 est, it’s still $300 from 8.

Canadian dollars?.. I just took that screenshot like just now…

I went on the Steinberg site like 5 or 6 times and it changes from $300 to $200 to $300…
Anyway, when you check out the 40% rebate is applied, so alrighty then.
Thanks Mattias

Very tempted to cross grade from Cubase Pro 10.5 , but it’s the fact that the Nuendo licence would replace my Cubase Pro licence.
I can’t help thinking this is a little short sighted on Steinberg part, because there’s the potential for me to purchase both Nuendo and Cubase updates in the future (the logic being that both products seem to get updated at different times of the year and it seems Cubase tends to get new features first)

Any one else share my opinion or am I overthinking this?

Yes that seems a possibility… I am concerned at giving back my Cubase license. I guess they could change the old Cubase license to an NFR.

Thing is, the deal is a single license cross-grade price, not a new license price. There is a cross platform price and also a Cubase LE even gives a c. £100 discount. Move to Nuendo, you won’t regret it and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it last time they did the deal :wink:

Do they still do that NEK nonsense or is this finally a thing from the past ?

You have been too long in Lockdown.
Has been dropped ages ago.


I did the cross grade but didn’t get the serial number. It says there’s a problem…Has anyone else gotten this message? Has anyone gotten their serial number from the cross grade?

Same problem than you Pdcreative :frowning: I dodn’t get the serial number either !!
Does anyone else had this problem too ?


The same here but I think, we’ll all get it till Monday:-)



Bought the update from Sweetwater. Have the ancient white LPT Dongle, so opened a support ticket. Hopefully, I can eventually have Nuendo 1.52 upgraded to 10.3

Because I am so tired of a certain competitor and their buggy software which you have to constantly pay to update via “subscription”. And, to update my last “Pro” version of their stuff, would mean around 20K between their new hardware, a new Mac to run it on, and the software update. Really. No.

I look forward to going back to Nuendo.